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David started his career in Bradford (England) as an IT operator in 1978. After a couple of years he then became a programmer in machine code and Assembler. In 1986 he moved to Nottingham as a Senior Developer (adding PL1) to work at CCN that later re-branded as Experian.

David had many roles in almost 15 years at Experian including Business Analyst, Team leader, Project Manager, IT Manager and Systems Manager (with over 60 staff). 

In February 2001 David and his family (his wife Gaynor and 3 children) moved across the world to Auckland New Zealand. David has had full time employment in different sized companies, each with their own challenges. Irrespective of role title, David realised his ability to identify problems in businesses and deliver solutions, always focusing on engaging and motivating the staff that worked there, to own and embrace the changes.

David finally set up his own consultancy business in June 2017, and is passionate about helping New Zealand companies, and developing their peoples capabilities.

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